Friday, June 30, 2006

A Place for us

I am Arlines Rodriguez. I am from Sucre State - Venezuela but I am living in Maracaibo, Zulia State - Venezuela. I've been working at URBE since 1999 and it's been quite an experience. I opened this blog because I'm interested in getting the best of the internet to:

1- Expand the activities I do in the classroom with my students in the university, and
2- Finding sites related to URBE´s careers or others sites like BBC or CNN and asking my students to read, do some activities and discuss by means of an on-line group, a chat, will be not only likeable and interesting for them but rewarding, meaningful and enlightening.


SusNyrop said...

yes, I agree with you Arlines!

SusNyrop said...

Oh what a lovely portrait! Is that really you Arlines?

Arlines said...

Well...., Thanks. Your portrait is nice too. By the way, Thanks for your help.

yiya said...

Hi,Arlines. This is a very nice,interesing blog. I like it a lot. It seems you have a very nice family.I think having a family is one of the best gifts the Lord has given to us. So , keep on doing the best for them. You are doing very well using the interactive tools.I hope I can do it as well
you. Griselda